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All around the Pathway Colleges of the Braun Foundation there is a multitude of interesting, challenging and international-related tasks and activities to perform.

These include, for example:

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the running of teaching and university activities on our campuses

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the administration and development of our web presence

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4organising marketing, dealing with the press and generating enthusiasm among foreign nationals for studying and working in Germany

In the worlds of intercultural exchange and international education, there are no closing times, no weekends and few holidays – in this land the sun never sets!

But versatile, worldwide jobs are not the only reason you should work with us:

work for usicon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4You will work with talented, goal-oriented people, both young and mature

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4You can take advantage of the extensive, global wealth of experience of all the members and friends of the Braun Foundation

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4You will work in an open, innovative and transparent environment

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4In your job, you will be making an eminent socio-political contribution

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4You will be participating in educationally relevant projects that offer innovative solutions

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4You will work in a small team whose results will have a great impact at a much higher level

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4You will interact with and move within a global community consisting of many diverse cultures

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Through your work in a non-profit, education-oriented organisation, many other career opportunities will be opened up to you through the large international network of the Braun Foundation for International Exchange

Whether you are looking for full employment, flexible location-independent work, or a second job – speak to us.

The areas of activity of the Braun Foundation are extensive, and our plans and goals ambitious. We are constantly on the lookout for volunteers, supporters, partners and co-workers, who wish to support us with their expertise.