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The German Pathway Colleges of the Braun Foundation have established a placement service through which it supports foreign nationals and German universities and employers.

Who benefits from this service:

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4 Students, graduates, young professionals, trainees, skilled workers. With our large network, we provide support in the search for an appropriate internship, or in the search for a suitable permanent job in Germany

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Universities, colleges and companies

Advantages of the German Pathway Colleges’ Placement Service are:

The German Pathway Colleges of the Braun Foundation

“Do not see their task as simply finding a job. Our approach is of a more transitory quality.”

We endeavour to ensure that foreign nationals live in and experience a positive welcoming culture. A proper selection and intense preparation ensue, so that the application for an internship or permanent employment leads to a high degree of satisfaction for employers and job seekers alike.

“In many areas, foreign nationals and German society can mutually benefit and learn from each other.”

Advantages to you

indent_taskOne of the largest networks in Germany for employers and employees

indent_taskHighly sophisticated profile matching of placements and applications

indent_taskSupport with visa applications

indent_taskAdvice on the German social security system

indent_taskGeneral German language instruction

indent_taskSubjectspecific German language instruction

indent_taskDevelopment of intercultural competence

indent_taskSocial integration

indent_taskPreparation to enter the labour market in Germany

indent_taskProfessional company search

indent_taskParticipation in job fairs

indent_taskWould you like more information? Please call us, send us an email or use the contact form here.

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