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In today’s world studying abroad is one of the top criteria human resource professionals are looking for.

One or more semesters abroad – not to mention a foreign degree – can raise your job chances significantly. At the Braun Foundation Pathway Colleges we are convinced that with the right preparation and resources many students can succeed in doing just that.

Our staff will guide you through the application process.



Once you have arrived at one of our Pathway Colleges you can hit the ground running as we seek to take care of as many of your questions, needs and necessary formalities as possible BEFORE your arrival. Our first contact personnel are happy to make you feel most comfortable and welcome here.

Your student life will consist of periods of intense studying but also enriching free time activities.

The better academic skills and (inter)cultural competences have been developed during the study abroad experience the higher your chances are to truly benefit from this life changing experience. It’s what you take out of it and we want to make sure you gain your degree. You enter a German university because you meet the academic requirements and you are culturally ready for the challenge that will be a highlight of your personal development.

No matter, where you are from, you will love your experience at the Braun Foundation Pathway Colleges.

Each site is unique in its own way and has a lot to offer:

  • Cultural offers,
  • high service standards,
  • excellent teaching level and
  • a variety of things to do in your free time.

A vibrant city with many different ways to spend your free time is waiting for you. Or a smaller, quieter location surrounded by a beautiful landscape. In our smaller locations the bigger city is never far away, so you always have the option to go out and explore big city life as well.

Friendly staff will share the best tips to get the things you need and help you become independent sooner than you might think.

Our high quality student service department is the perfect addendum to the Braun Foundation Pathway Colleges curriculum. A perfect learning environment.

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