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The following information should give you an overview and guidance about our courses and programs.

In which location would you like to study? Which study program would suit your preferences, secondary education and talents best?

Please contact GPC admissions for free-of-charge support and consultation.

Study sites and Study programs

Freiburg and Berlin

a) GPC Academic Program and Preparatory Courses (language and subject-specific)

b) GPC German Language Centers:

Students with no German language (A-0) or only little German (up to B-1) to start with can learn German at one of our language centers throughout Germany in 14 major German cities. Courses vary from 4 weeks to 52 weeks and longer, depending on the German entry level. The Braun Foundation will help funding all course materials and any enrollment fees with a welcome scholarship of up to € 200.

German courses are offered in 14 German cities, for example in Berlin, Munich, Freiburg, Bonn, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt, Göttingen, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Schwäbisch-Hall, Karlsruhe.

Courses and Programs in Freiburg and Berlin

Full GPC Academic Focus Course Program
Duration2 terms
Fees€ 9.850 (including course materials and examination fees)
Language courses from B2.2. to C1
Academic Focus coursesG/S/W/T/M
Intercultural competence Scientific work at German institutions of Higher Education Student Services
CertificatesTestDaf/DSH/TestAs/Feststellungssprüfung (German University Entrance Qualification Exam)
Preparatory Courses A ( Combination of language and subject-specific)
Duration1 term
Fees€ 4925 (incl. course materials, examination fees)
German language courses from B2.1 to B2.2.
Academic Focus CoursesG/S/W/T/M, introductory
Intercultural competence, Orientation Working at German Pathway Colleges/Studienkollegs Student Services
CertificatesTestDaf/DSH/Admission to-the German Pathway Colleges (Studienkollegs)
Preparatory Courses B (German language)
DurationDepending on the German language skills (see FAQ “How long does it take to reach next German language level?”
Feesfrom 1.540 € (depending on study site, German language skills, study materials, examination fees, etc.)
German language coursesfrom A0 to B2.1.
Priority coursesBasics
Intercultural competence, Orientation Working at German Pathway Colleges/Studienkollegs Student Services
CertificatesAccredited German language certificates
Personalized German University Placement Service (Bachelor and Master degrees)*
Fees : € 350**


  • Examination, review & proof of all applicant’s certificates,
  • Examination, review & proof of all applicant’s handed in documents,
  • German university and study program matching with applicant’s education,
  • support and guidance through complete selection process,
  • personal assistance and guidance throughout the application process at any of GPC’s partner university (See a full list here)

* Please note that we provide this service to everyone, not only to German Pathway Colleges applicants. But if an applicant books the Full GPC Academic Focus Course Program or one of the Preparatory Courses (A and B), the € 350 will be refunded!

** In order to increase chances of any study placement in Germany and due to restricted German university application requirements as well as specific entrance examination, which can vary from university to university, we highly recommend to visit the GPC Preparatory Course A or B prior to university application.

Optional services already used will be charged pro rata.
These amounts are charged according to the corresponding contract for the optional service.

All prices are stated in €!