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Studying abroad means dealing with a lot of paperwork and requires some patience.

You are welcome to take advantage of all the information provided on our website. For further questions our staff is more than happy to help you. We are there for you to guide you through the entire application process. Get all information and apply directly HERE!

Some topics have to be addressed before your departure, other topics will be handled after your arrival. Please find your topics and questions on your study decision in chronological order below:

Pre-departure assistance

  1. Eligibility and curriculum
    Please read our guidelines on our eligibility policy to check whether our college is the right path for you. Once your study eligibility is confirmed our staff will help you choose the right classes for your studies at the Braun Foundation Pathway Colleges.

2. Visa
The visa issue is likely to be the topic that is most time consuming. Our experts provide easy visa assistance to make this process as clear and reliable as possible. Our staff can also assist you if your plans change e.g. if you would like to stay longer than anticipated or change the location. For a successful visa application you need:

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4A valid passport that expires at least 6 months after your anticipated departure from your host country.

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Here you can find out whether or not you need a visa.

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4and much more. Please contact us, in case you need any further assistance!

  1. Finances
    The International Office can assist you in finding scholarships, jobs (if the visa permits) and other ways to reduce your costs. Contact us!
  1. Accommodation
    Find more on accommodation services here.
  1. Flight
    Once everything else is taken care of, the last thing on your list would be to book your flight. If you need help with that, let us know and we can make sure you benefit from student discounts and remain flexible if your plans change.

Upon arrival

  1. Our Student Service section takes care of everything once you have arrived in Germany – don’t worry about a thing!
  2. Contact Us whenever you need something, have any questions!

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