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Our Study Programme / the “Braun Curriculum”

The aim of the Pathway Colleges of the Braun Foundation (Studienkollegs) is to successfully prepare students for study at a German university (the acquisition of the Hochschulzugangsberechtigung HZB, or the University Entrance Qualification).

The preparation combines an academic part with intensive cultural and social care and accompaniment to help students integrate into the general as well as the local German environment, and in particular the environment of student study and life:

The site of a college (Studienkolleg) is also the most important learning facility.

Applicants from many countries have a general educational background that does not meet the requirements of a German university, meaning they cannot be admitted directly to specialised studies. A further drawback is that the student’s mastery of the German language is most often not at a level at which the student can access regular university student programmes.

The “Braun Curriculum”, the study programme of the Braun Pathway Colleges (Studienkollegs), therefore combines the intensive learning of the German language up to advanced level C1, as one of the main columns, with academic professional training in so-called “priority courses” as a second column. Training in Scientific Work at German Institutions of Higher Education represents the third column. The intensive, individual care of the students on site – the comfort factor of being integrated in language and culture – serves as the final and fourth column, without which, we are convinced, a lot of personal energy is wasted or diverted to unproductive purposes.

Furthermore the GPC campus Freiburg offers German Language course B2 (target language level B2). A new language course starts every Monday.

German as a Foreign Language!


You can now attend German courses in Freiburg. This is the ideal examination preparation for the entrance examination of German as a Foreign Language level B2, with which you will be able to attend German Pathway Colleges (Studienkollegs) and preparatory colleges.

Get all information about the courses here!

All lessons comprise of about 30-32 lessons per week at 45 minutes per lesson, and last from September to January in the Winter Semester, and from February to August in the Summer Semester.

The teaching methodology varies, depending on subject, progress and educational background, but is based, on the one hand, upon interactive work between the teachers and students, and on the other hand, on guidance towards independent thinking. One can find the teaching forms of workshops, presentations, seminars, tutorials, self-study etc. The philosophy “Location = Learning” means that teaching and learning are not limited to the classroom, but rather reach out again and again into the environment, where learning is established through testing and practice.

The goal of the preparation studies at Pathway College (Studienkollleg) is to pass the Feststellungsprüfung FSP, an assessment test that is normally taken after 2 semesters (1 study year). Besides the German language test, it includes all academic subjects of the priority courses. For three of these subjects, there is a written test as well as an oral test.

On passing the FSP, students receive the Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (University Entrance Qualification), and are able to apply for specialty study at a German technical college or university. A failed assessment test can only be repeated once at the same Pathway College (Studienkolleg).

All participants who successfully pass the TestDaF or DSH and the Feststellungsprüfung, receive a study permission for German universities.

Those participants are entitled to apply and enroll to any German university which fit the participant’s qualification and skills. German Pathway Colleges (Studienkollegs) support their students!

Furthermore, GPC is cooperating with several universities, which are very much looking forward to applications of GPC students. Those partner universities are, for example:

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The M-Course must be taken if the student wishes to study one of the of the following subjects:
Agricultural ScienceBiochemistry (also T-Course)Bioinformatics (also T-Course)
BiologyChemistry (also T-Course)Nutritional Science
Forestry ScienceEnvironmental GeologyLand usage
MedicineMolecular BiotechnologyPharmaceutics
Psychology (also G-Course)SportVeterinary Science
Dental Medicine
The T-Course must be taken if the student wishes to study one of the of the following subjects:
ArchitectureCivil EngineeringBioinformatics (also M-Course)
Brewing and Beverage TechnologyChemistry (also M-Course)Chemical Engineering
Electronics and Electrical EngineeringGeographyGeology
Computer ScienceLandscape Architecture and Landscape PlanningAerospace Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringMathematicsMineralogy
PhysicsTechnology and BiotechnologyEngineering Mathematics
SurveyingMaterial SciencesIndustrial Engineering (also W-Course)
The W-Course must be taken if the student wishes to study one of the of the following subjects:
Business AdministrationEuropean BusinessFinancial and Business Mathematics
LawMacroeconomicsIndustrial Engineering (also W-Course)
Sports EconomicsEconomic ScienceBusiness Informatics
The G-Course must be taken if the student wishes to study one of the of the following subjects:
Social Sciences, so long as the student is not enrolled on the W-CoursePsychology (also M-course)Jurisprudence (also W-Course)

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