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Prior-Application Steps to be Taken!

  • German Assessment Tests

    Take a German Assessment test (for example the Goethe institute offfers a good one on their webpage).

  • German as a Foreign Language!

    Your German language level does not reach level B2? No problem, at our GPC campus Freiburg we offer German language courses on a weekly basis.

  • Fees & Finances

    Check Fees & Finances of the German Pathway Colleges (Studienkollegs).

  • Student Life in Germany

    Visit our Student Life section. There you find tons of information about life in Germany and all its obstacles.

  • Admission

    Which courses are we offering, what is the German Pathway College (Studienkolleg)? In our “Admission” and “Why Pathway & Who is it for?” section you find all information you need!

Application for Admission to a Pathway College of the Braun Foundation

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Level of German (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, DSH,TestDaF, Goethe, etc.): 

Course specialization *

T-, M-, W-, S/G-Course

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Preferred subject*

(after a successful Festellungsprüfung)

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S/G courses - for all fields in the humanities, arts, German language and literature and history
W courses - for all fields in economics and the social sciences
T courses - for studies in the natural sciences and engineering
M courses - for studies in medicine and biology/chemistry

Have you ever taken the Feststellungprüfung, either one or more times, in Germany?
If yes, please specify name of institution, place and date of examination.

Is an organisation or agency involved in this application?

Name, address and email

 Application documents:

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