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The Pathway Colleges of the Braun Foundation see themselves as a “Learning Service Provider (LSP)”, in terms of International Standards ISO/DIS 19366.

All participating institutions and partners are responsible for the verification and compliance of high quality standards in their fields of competence. Planning, implementation and evaluation all follow the standards set by ISO 19366, in particular regarding:

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the marketing of colleges and their services, places of study and management and teachers

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the extent of transparency of services including terms and conditions and complete information regarding fees and other costs

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the approval process of the performance of course applicants (Learning Needs Analysis. A framework example can be found in footnote link)

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4schedule and organisation of curricula with a focus on learning targets, interim goals, final examinations and certificates, standards of physical learning environments, learning materials and teaching staff

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the constant availability of advice, monitoring and care

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the regular internal and external evaluation of services, personnel and learning facilities of each Pathway College, as well as the entire internal organisation, through external expertise if necessary

1. Marketing

All information including instructions and educational material of the Pathway Colleges (PC) shall be easily obtainable, kept up to date, precise and understandable.

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Complete contact addresses of each college including the head office with registration number and date

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Managerial staff

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Display of the primary courses of each PC

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Qualifications of the teaching staff

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Pedagogical methods

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Description of learning facility and learning resources

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Certification, qualifications, accreditation

2. Services

The following elements are contained within every service offered by each PC:

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Scope of request, context of request, purpose and goal of request

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Description of the request concerning the performance of the relevant PC; examples of similarly performed teaching programmes

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Information on the proposed pedagogical approach and on curricular and evaluated methodologies

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Price information that covers everything related to courses and services, including information on payment options and accounts

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Information on the ability to issue receipts

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4General terms and conditions

3. Contract offers and conclusion of contracts

The following underlies a contract offer on the part of a PC:

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The title and objectives of the learning service

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4any prerequisites, technical or otherwise, such as a required level of competence

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4dates, location, duration and timetable

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the proposed number of hours of instruction and how these are divided between different modes of learning

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4pedagogical approaches or methods, and the means of assessment to be used

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4required software licenses and technical equipment

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4tuition fees, examination fees, the purchase of learning materials (e.g. books, software, worksheets), and any other charges

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4cancellation, withdrawal and refund policies

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Feedback procedures

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4the general profile of the facilitators such as their teaching qualifications, teaching experience, background

Additionally the following is agreed upon:

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Responsibility of the contractual partners (learners, facilitators, PC, possible sponsors)

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Contact persons on the part of the PC

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Timetable and course of tests and exams

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Complaint management

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Access to learning resources, such as libraries, dictionaries, reference works, computers, hotlines, counselling services, self-learning instruments

4. Analysis of learning needs

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Prior to delivering learning services, the learning needs shall be assessed by qualified staff in order to orientate learning services effectively within the specified scope of the learning service. The results of this analysis will be presented to the learner for approval

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4National or international frameworks for qualification standards or progression within the area or sector, or existing competence levels shall be referred to when determining learning needs

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The learning needs analysis shall determine the desired level of competence in the relevant subject areas, and the preferred time frame, the purposes for which and contexts in which the learner requires the desired level of competence after the completion of the course (e.g. socially, in the domain of work or study, general conversational ability etc.)

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The cultural background of the learner shall always be considered, as well as age, educational background, work experience, language experience, cognitive and physical abilities or disabilities etc.

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Special requests by the learner such as “sponsoring” shall be abided by

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Facilitators shall be fully informed of the results of the learning needs analyses

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Information gathered on learners shall only be used for the purpose of providing the learning service. Information shall only be disclosed with the learner’s consent

5. Planning and implementation of learning

Following from the learning needs analysis, the design of the learning service consists of developing a curriculum, learning material, as well as means of assessment and evaluation.

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Curriculum design and development shall be carried out by facilitators who are experienced or trained in the design and development of curricula for learning services

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4In the design of the learning service, the following shall be taken into account:

bullet-arrow-green-001the results of the learning need analysis

bullet-arrow-green-001the agreed-upon goals

bullet-arrow-green-001the proposed intensity and duration of the course, and the modes of learning (e.g. face-to-face learning, blended learning, IT-supported learning)

bullet-arrow-green-001the intended learning outcomes and means of assessment

bullet-arrow-green-001the ratio of facilitators to learners

bullet-arrow-green-001the type and content of a certificate of completion to be issued

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Learning materials shall be in line with the designed curriculum and with the selected modes of learning, authentic and up-to-date, reflecting current application of the subject being learned and selected taking into account social and cultural needs, as well as the background of the learners

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Evaluation shall be designed considering scope, criteria, instruments and schedule. Assessment shall include, but not be limited to fulfilment or non-fulfilment of learning needs, learning and teaching methods, adequacy of learning material and other resources and logistics and organisation

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The curriculum, learning resources, the assessment and evaluation shall be communicated to learners or the interested parties, and to facilitators

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Each new design shall take into account the results of evaluations of any prior similar learning services

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The roles and responsibilities of the LSP, the learners and the interested parties, relating to the delivery of the learning service and to the monitoring and assessment of learning shall be clearly specified

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The curriculum, learning and assessment materials shall be reviewed at least annually. At this time, the results of the previous years shall be taken into consideration

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Sources and copyrights of learning resources used or developed by the LSP shall be cited or acknowledged

6. Provision of educational services

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The service shall be delivered by facilitators who are qualified and trained in delivering the learning service in question and are trained in the use of methods and materials specified in the curriculum design. They possess the cultural sensitivity and teaching experience necessary to work with learners from a non-German culture

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4A selection panel from each Pathway College, composed of experts and members of the Braun Foundation and their partner organisations, shall carry out the search for and selection of facilitators who possess state-approved teaching qualifications in each relevant subject and at each relevant level.
The panel shall agree on both the selection criteria and the selection of facilitators, along with optional additional partners

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4If substitution is required, arrangements shall be made to ensure that qualified facilitators are available, and that such facilitators are guided in the preparation and delivery of the learning service

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Learning materials shall be available to learners in sufficient quantity, and learners or their sponsors shall be guided in the purchase of those that are needed. If purchases need to be made, learners shall be notified at the conclusion of the contract, and shall be guided in the purchase of those materials that are needed, and may be supported through bulk purchasing

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Facilitators and learners shall be informed of relevant rules about the photocopying and use of printed and digital materials

7. Learning environment

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The minimum requirements of the learning environment are:

bullet-arrow-green-001the space shall be large enough to accommodate the number of learners enrolled in the groups as well as their facilitators and laid out in such a way as to facilitate interactive learning, taking into account the needs of the learners concerned

bullet-arrow-green-001well lit and clean

bullet-arrow-green-001heated or cooled if necessary, well ventilated and protected or insulated from noise interference

bullet-arrow-green-001equipped with learning aids and tools such as audio, video, projection devices, information technology equipment relevant to the curriculum

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The necessary safety facilities and equipment shall be put in place and maintained, and potential safety hazards in the learning environment shall be minimized. Procedures for dealing with emergencies and security issues shall be made known to facilitators, to other staff and to learners

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Regular monitoring ensures the standards of the premises and highlights any defects or problems immediately

8. Facilitators

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4The facilitators of the Pathway Colleges possess, without exception, qualifications corresponding to the levels of service, teaching materials, learning objectives and pedagogical methodologies of the respective PC, as well as experience with and a high sensitivity to learners from non-German cultures

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Teaching assistants may be deployed only under the direct supervision of qualified and experienced facilitators

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Teaching staff as well as administrative staff shall be subjected to an annual assessment and performance evaluation

9. Performance evaluation of teachers and administration

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Regular evaluation of teaching and administrative services shall be carried out in order to ensure the quality of teaching and service. The evaluation concerns both the local/regional PC as well as the entire organisation

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4These evaluations assess above all the teaching, learning environment, materials, facilitators and local and central administration, as well as the achievement of learning objectives and teaching methods, schedules and curricula

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4A part of these evaluations always includes outside assessments, through the learners or their sponsors

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Performance ratings are established by competent third parties and used internally for the preservation and improvement of the quality standards

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