GPC- Your Pathway to a German University!

Where in Germany (which region) would you like to study?

The registration at the Braun Foundation German Placement Centre is the first step in order to study in Germany.
We make sure for you to meet all requirements to enroll successfully in one of over 400 German universities and colleges. You have access to both public and private colleges / universities. Please note that when enrolling to a particular university / college the applicable enrollment requirements always apply. If those specific requirements are fulfilled, you receive a guaranteed spot at the university / college, you applied for.
Naturally, we, the German Placement Centre, support, consult and help you during the whole choice and enrollment process, no matter for which college / university you will decide in the end. You might find the following map of the 10 German regions useful for your decision where to study (please name the number(s) in your request: