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When choosing a location at which to open a German Pathway College and a university/college to partner with, the director and the board of trustees of the Braun Foundation for International Exchange consider, among others, the following criteria:
icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Reputation of the city

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4International orientation of the city

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Reputation of the partner

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Degree of common interests between the foundation and the partner in terms of goals, vision or mission

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Quality of life

icon-tablecheckmark-363bb0e0356a5992b19127ab664b6ae4Public transport connections


and many more…

Where in Germany do you like to study?

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