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The German Pathway Colleges and their responsible body, the Braun Foundation for International Exchange, have with the establishment of the colleges in Germany, set ambitious sociopolitical, economic, intercultural and academic goals:

  • To lead many more students to successful graduation!

In comparison to other western European countries, Australia or the USA, more foreign students studying in Germany have prematurely interrupted their studies. Personal disappointment and financial risks are reduced through the Pathway Colleges of the Braun Foundation. Loss of face at home can be avoided.

  • To make personal and greater financial investments in international tertiary education more attractive!

Education, particularly abroad, is very expensive. The Pathway Colleges of the Braun Foundation guarantee a greater chance of success, thereby making an investment in higher education more profitable for students.

  • The costs to society are reduced!

Apart from the considerable economic loss caused by students without degrees or diplomas, the German workforce suffers from a loss of potentially highly qualified workers.

  • To reduce the costs to universities and enhance their prospects of receiving government grants!

Although the loss of student fees does not carry such a great weight at German state universities, there are other services and revenue streams of universities or associated institutions that suffer from a high dropout rate. Still more serious, however, is the damage to the reputations of universities locally, and the educational standing of Germany globally.

  • To avoid political damage and to meaningfully support universities with engagements on a diplomatic level as well as with international activities!

When international promotion for university places and jobs in Germany is not properly implemented, the local, regional, national and international reputations of the country will suffer.